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Happy new fractal year!

Posted by Harry Seldon on January 10, 2010

Picture showing the fractal invariance of scale in a tree. Background is the Battle of Normandy (D-Day) Memorial, in memoriam to the allied forces who liberated Europe from the Nazi yoke, Caen, France.

I wish you to have all your wishes realized. But to be a little more accurate, I actually wish you to precisely know what you want and wish. Because wishes have a much better chance of becoming true if you can clearly formulate them.

That-is-to-say, in order to clearly know what you want, and how you can get it, you will need:

So, as you follow where I am heading to, yes I do wish you to be a full pilot of your own life, not a passenger. And do not forget “Goals are dreams with a deadline” as one says.


If you find your life is too much of a fractal it might be because you don’t control enough your life. It is normal to perceive the world outside of you as a fractal, with its good and bad news, with positive or negative black swan. But inside of you the way news affects you is very much under you control. The way you behave is under your control. World might be fractal, your mind might not if you master it.
All the fun of life is knowing what you can change and what you cannot.

To read more about the duality Fractals vs Control check this article about extremistan and mediocristan.

Be in control of the first thing you can readily control in that world: yourself ;-)

If you are interested in knowing more about how you actually control yourself, check the subject of NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programmation.

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