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My best jokes about the French Football Team

Posted by Harry Seldon on June 22, 2010

I have already tweeted these joke but here is a summary:

If you want to see Blues who run and are joyful see the Smurf trailer : http://yhoo.it/blOxoh

The French team on strike? Well they have been on strike for 4 years!

American joke : what is the shortest French joke ? French resistance. At least Anelka is fighting against Domenech, waiting for the landing…

Domenech is the Kerviel (or Madoff if you prefer) of the French football.

Domenech / French Football Federation is to football what Kerviel / Societe Generale is to finance.

The Blues is a very nice example that the lack of control leads to chaos.

The state of natural catastroph is declared for… the Blues (there are heavy flooding in France).

Let’s hope that Laurent Blanc will clean all that whiter than white (blanc means white in French, no other meaning intended).

Today, I got fired for saying aloud what everybody thinks silently about my boss. FML Nicolas A. (FML = Fuck My Life see also this website for a good laugh).

At last, the football spill is finally closed for the French team.

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Why this disaster of the French Football team?

Posted by Harry Seldon on June 22, 2010

To non French Football fans, here is an exchange with a friend about the mess in the French football team.

Message 1
First : Sorry for all this mess !
Second, notice that all of this is not so surprising. If you check my forecasts, like about all French Football fans, I forecast the very early elimination of France. The reason for that is pretty simple : Domenech is the responsible for all this disaster. Domenech is a scam, a swindler. The only reason he is still there after the other disaster of Euro 2008 is because the leaders of the French Football federations are also swindlers. Domenech is totally incompetent and so is the Federation president.

The rest is only a consequence of that. If anything, it is not bad that Anelka and others dared to rebel. One can only wish they would have done it earlier. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible, it is like fighting a dictature. They could rebel but then they are simply not selected. Which by the way explains the non selection of some other French players far better than the one we had.

Nothing complicated. Only a crazy mafia of friends at the Federation.

PS. I thought France would lose all their games. So, if anything, they actually did a great WorldCup (1 draw) !!

A friend :
The thing is, France deserves better than this. I have no doubt that Domenech was a terrible coach (he refused to shake the hand of the South African coach!) but as you said, the revolt should have happened earlier. To have it happen at the world cup is about as bad as it could get.

Here’s hoping Petit can fix things in time for Euro 2012. Or at the latest Brazil 2014.

Last revolt was the one of Zidane. He was both a great player and a coach for the French team. Then, the team had to be rebuilt after the departure of the France 98 players. Unfortunately instead of a mason we got a fool.

With all the power in the hands of the Federation and Domenech nobody could revolt. Some tried (former France 98 players, journalists, the public who whistled all the games since 2006) but we were in front of a wall.

Because of FIFA rules, even the government who wanted changes at the Federation was totally helpless.

So when I say the FFF is an oligarchy and a dictature, I mean it.

As a joke, think that the Technical Director is the coach that was eliminated of the World Cup 94 even before the final phase (G. Houllier). He may be worse than Domenech.

Finally let’s hope Blanc (not Petit) will be able to clean all that. I do have some good hopes but unfortunately, if nothing happens at the Federation, things can stay as bad (worse would be very difficult!).

Escalettes, Houllier, Domenech : just resign. (Anyway Domenech is out)

PS for my faithful readers: “The French team is a very nice example that the lack of control leads to chaos.”

PPS My pronostic for the final winner is Argentina. Entonces, vamos Argentina !

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