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Forgot password ?

Posted by Harry Seldon on February 02, 2009

I have just added the “forgot password” function on ThinkoSphere. It was seriously lacking !
Just click the link close to the login button. An email will be sent to you. Follow the link to define a new password.

By the way, I also changed the login box design to make it clearer. This was a suggestion from Guillaume, an estimated alpha user. Thanks to him.

Technical info To add the function I simply followed the instructions here as I am still using the good old acts_as_authenticated.

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Launching ThinkoSphere Alpha, an accelerator of democracy

Posted by Harry Seldon on January 24, 2009

I am pleased to announce that the alpha version of ThinkoSphere.com is hereby publicly launched! I have finally integrated the new design. I hope you like it.

What is ThinkoSphere?
ThinkoSphere is a brand new experiment that publicly aims at implementing more Control Systems Philosophy into the democracy. That means I want to give each of you more power in:

  • Giving your opinion
  • Knowing the opinion of others
  • Analyzing thoroughly this data
  • Reacting accordingly to the results of a poll or vote

The Control Systems philosophy is pretty straightforward: you sense, you think, you act. This process is scale independent: it is the same that drives your personnality. It is also the same process that drives the society. So let us make it more transparent.

What is the current state of ThinkoSphere?
Currently, ThinkoSphere might look like a classical polling website. However, ThinkoSphere has 2 great features that are innovative, fun and very useful:

It means that, among the “sense, think, act” parts, the sense and think parts are currently the most developed ones.
To be precise, you can:

What comes next?
Plenty of things: widgets, API, internationalization (i18n), localization (l10n)… But for now, it is time to test in the real word what has already been done. So, what do you think about this project?. You are very welcome to leave your comments here. I am specifically appreciating negative feedback so that I can improve. It is all about control isn’t it?. Moreover, if there are features you want to see added, leave a suggestion here or create a poll.

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Ranking rankings

Posted by Harry Seldon on September 01, 2008

Web 2 is a lot about grading and ranking. So I guess it is logical that bloggers themselves get ranked. However there are dozens of ranking systems. Thus bloggers get their revenge: they can rank the ranking systems !
Ouriel Ohayon made a great post (in French) here and he asks the following :
Which ranking is, according to you, the most meaningful ?
You can answer below:

As I am coding the poll website thinkosphere.com you probably already know that I am a huge fan of internet polls, even if they currently lack too many features. Thanks to this post I discovered one more lacking feature : publishing a poll in several languages. I do not know about a poll engine offering this capability. I guess I will have to do it myself !


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Hello Blogosphere !

Posted by Harry Seldon on August 06, 2008


I am glad to join at last the blogosphere. I had to use Typo for my blogging engine. First because it is in Rails and I have been coding in Rails for one year during my leisure time. The website is Thinkosphere.com. The second reason is simply that the home of Typo is Typosphere and, just like the name of my website, I like the xsphere words such as blogosphere, technosphere or datasphere (from Dan Simmons’books).

Next step will be to add a blog for the Thinkosphere. Waiting for that blog, let me tell you what the thinkosphere website is. It aims at accelerating the democracy giving people advanced tools to poll themselves, to analyse the polls, to discuss, to take actions and to follow-up these actions.

Welcome !

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