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The fractal Google logo

Posted by Harry Seldon on January 14, 2010

Thx Pixgeeks for reminding me of this nice Google logo involving fractals.


It was in memoriam to Gaston Julia’s Birthday.

In case I need to precise, the fractals you see on the logo are called Julia sets because the French mathematician Gaston Julia described them first. However, most of my readers already know that, right? ;-)

To say something only initiated people can understand: “The Mandelbrot set contains all Julia sets”. (That is why the fractal on the left is actually the Mandelbrot set.)

You can check all google logos here.

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Need a Google Wave invite? Just add a (nice) comment

Posted by Harry Seldon on November 29, 2009

I have got 8 remaining invites for Google Wave. If you want one, just add a (nice) comment below with your email in the email field (not in the comment itself). I will invite you from Google Wave, asap. It will take a day or two before you receive an email from Google that will give you the actual access to Wave.

Once you are surfing the wave, remember, to search for public waves, use this query: with:public. To search for French public waves, use with:public tag:fr.

If you want to create a public wave:

  • Add public@a.gwave.com to your contact list (press enter even if it tells you the user does not exist)
  • Create a wave and add this contact.

Enjoy Wave.

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