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Hello Blogosphere !

Posted by Harry Seldon on August 06, 2008


I am glad to join at last the blogosphere. I had to use Typo for my blogging engine. First because it is in Rails and I have been coding in Rails for one year during my leisure time. The website is Thinkosphere.com. The second reason is simply that the home of Typo is Typosphere and, just like the name of my website, I like the xsphere words such as blogosphere, technosphere or datasphere (from Dan Simmons’books).

Next step will be to add a blog for the Thinkosphere. Waiting for that blog, let me tell you what the thinkosphere website is. It aims at accelerating the democracy giving people advanced tools to poll themselves, to analyse the polls, to discuss, to take actions and to follow-up these actions.

Welcome !

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