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This blog is about Linux, Ruby on Rails, Controls and the Thinkosphere project.  
Thinkosphere project is about accelerating democracy by giving people a free access to advanced statistical analysis tools to poll, vote and discuss on socio-political issues.  
It is because of the Thinkosphere project that I started learning Linux administration and Ruby on Rails programming in August 2007. 

About me.  
I am an aerospace control system engineer. I graduated from Georgia Tech in aerospace engineering with a specialization in flight mechanics and controls. I am passionated about aeronautics and space, I am myself a private pilot. However, my other passions for mathematics, controls, data mining, visualization and politics led me to this crazy idea of improving the democracy by improving the public tools for data analysis.
My pseudo Harry Seldon directly comes from Hari Seldon, the mathematician in Asimov’s Foundation books. The wrong spelling of Hari is quite old and was due to the non availability of Hari Seldon’s name on some email provider 10 years ago.
My other interests are for tennis, go game and as you noticed science-fiction.
You can contact me at harry dot seldon dot f at gmail dot com.



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