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Control Systems 102: GNC, Conclusion

Posted by Harry Seldon on May 25, 2009

It’s time to get the conclusion of this Guidance, Navigation and Control post series.


To sum up:

And finally, “do not put the cart before the horse”. The cart is the guidance system, the horse is the control system. A good guidance without a good control is totally useless. A good plan is nothing without a good pilot. I’d rather fly in an aircraft with a good Stability and Control System and a poor Guidance System than the opposite. In the first case you might not reach your wanted destination, in the second case you will crash!
We live in an economic world with a lot of guidance and very little control. That is why the finance world totally collapsed, leading us to the current global crisis. More details in a future post…

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  1. Have you ever heard of simplexity ? Some systems are a lot simpler than they look like. For instance, let’s consider the shape of a tree. It looks complex, especially if you compare it with a straight line. However, if you have read Mandelbr...


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