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Facebook's Control Theory group, you know you are a Control theorist when

Posted by Harry Seldon on February 26, 2009

You will want to join the Control Theory group on Facebook if, or you know you are a Control theorist when:

  • For you, Vibration Control is not only a Sex toy.

  • Finding the good frequency is not only the problem of your girlfriend.

  • “Slower, Faster, now it is good” reminds you your work.

  • You see everything as a control system. (which is called being controlphrenic)

  • You have already thought “laws are way too complex, a PID would do the job”.

  • You have already said to your lawyer “Don’t tell me about laws, I am designing them all day”.

  • Every 10 words you say is either feedback, stable, unstable, transient, control or state.

  • Kalman is some god.

  • Navigation is for you another word for Kalman filter.

  • You know the difference between guidance, navigation and controls.

  • For you, airplanes, rockets, cars, finance, politics, trains, teams should be controlled with some good sensors, good actuators and good controls.

  • “Everything is under control” means something to you.

  • Socrates should have said “control yourself” instead of “know yourself”.

  • Every Pilot should be an “Automatic Pilot”.

  • But actually, you do not enter an automatic vehicle ,”you know too much” ;-)

  • ‘Chaos’ does have not the same meaning as for anybody else.

  • Control theory can save the world

Feel free to complete the list in the comments!

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  1. Tim on February 27, 2009 at 12:43 am

    When somebody says your plant is sick, you immediately think of work, and continue to forget to water your plant.

  2. Harry Seldon on February 27, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    @Tim, good one. Yes there are probably quite a few plays to do with “plant”. What about: You have a “beautiful plant” at home and one at work.

    By the way, There are probably a few good ones about simulation like “You know to recognize simulation”.

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