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Migrating to Typo 5.2 and to GIT

Posted by Harry Seldon on January 13, 2009

Typo, this blog engine, underwent a lot of great improvements these last months thanks to Frederic and Cyril (2 blogs in French). So it was time for me to upgrade this blog to the new version: Typo 5.2 Release Candidate named after Helmut Newton. The main improvements are:

  • A lot faster (you should notice it)
  • A new backend: more flexible, simpler, with a clearer dashboard summarizing the last comments, the last posts, the most popular posts
  • A new text editor that facilitates the use of markup languages (I am specially glad of that one as I had complained about the previous text editor)
  • New SEO functions: places to easily enter your meta information: keywords, webmaster tools api, google analytics key etc.
  • Use of Coderay for a better syntax highlighting for many programming languages
  • Easier search (previous one was sexy but surprising when you hit the enter key)

The main thing missing is a live preview but that might be for the next release !

During the migration (to the RC) I had a few small difficulties:

  • I did not find the sidebar settings: they moved to the themes menu and sidebar submenu .
  • The plugins recent comments and recent posts were not compatible with Typo 5.2. I had modified them. But actually they now are compatible as Fred added the backward compatibility.
  • If you use your own theme, you will need to update the index page. Indeed the call to ‘classic pagination’ must be replaced by a call to ‘will paginate’. Simply copy and paste from one of the example themes.

By the way, migrating to git, I was able to update these plugins accordingly with what I had said in this post: Typo plugins for “recent comments” and “related posts”. To get the modifications, right now, you need to use my forks on github:

I had started talking about setting up a development and production environment with git and Typo in this post. Because of this new version of Typo, I have finally had a very good reason to change the set up of this blog and to migrate to git. The migration to git will be the subject of the next post. Installing Typo from its git repository, I had the opportunity to use the git submodules. That is why in this post I will use the Typo blog engine to make a case study for the use of git with :

  • several repos for development, production and deployment
  • several repos for open source development
  • Use of submodules for plugin management and development

To be continued !

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